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We are the authority on Kalamazoo¬†Restaurant¬†Reviews. Because we don’t simply review a restaurant in Kalamazoo – We show you the best place to eat in Kalamazoo!

If you’re looking for the best steak in Kalamazoo, you’ll find that here. The best burgers to be found in and around Kalamazoo? We show you that too.

Maybe you want to go out for dessert with that special someone or even for family night. You’ll find the best places to go that offer the best desserts in and around Kalamazoo listed here.

Hungry for breakfast? We know the best place to go for breakfast in Kalamazoo.

We try them all and give you our impressions based on taste, price, service, and presentation. We list those attributes in that order because it’s the order many people eat by.

If the food is great, you don’t mind paying a bit more, or that the service may not be superb, or that the decor may need some improvement. So we focus on taste first. It’s what we look for – and it’s what you deserve.

We use a “10 Star Review” system. We first launched using 5 stars, but we found that 10 stars gave us the flexibility to more accurately rate restaurants in and near Kalamazoo. Editors are hesitant to change though. So don’t be surprised if you see them write about 5 stars on occasion. But, for the record, we use the 10 star system.

It seems harder for a restaurant to receive a perfect 10 than a perfect 5. It’s no knock on them. But using 10 stars means we can deduct a star for a bathroom door you have to grab the handle to exit. When we used 5 stars, it seemed unfair to deduct for something some folks find menial. But a lot of us are concerned about our health and deserve to know they may have to handle something that’s been handled by someone ill or unclean.

We appreciate your feedback however. If you feel the 10 Star system is too confusing or unfair, please contact us and let us know.

If you feel a different restaurant than what we list is deserving the title of “The best in Kalamazoo”, please let us know. We’d love to check it out!

If you are a restaurant and would like us to review you, please contact us.

Thanks for surfing www.kzooreviews.com to find the best Kalamazoo food reviews! It’s the food that matters.

Eat well, my friend. Eat well.

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